Apple Cracks Down On Sharing Info about Users and Their Contacts

Apple Cracks Down On Sharing Info about Users and Their Contacts
The Siliconreview
13 June, 2018

As we all know Apple modified its rules on user information a few days back and has now set a new limit on how developers will obtain, share and optimize it. Also, it was observed that developers ask permission from users to access their phone contacts in order to use the information attained for marketing and sometimes share or sell this information to various buyers. This marketing strategy is both used in Google Android and in Apple iOS for growth and expansion in terms of finance and for B2B connections.

Keeping in mind the incident and legal issues what Facebook went through Apple now has decided not to face any such issue. As a result, new rules have been applied and are currently blocking any sort of data leakage. Previously, it was possible for developers to attain vital information on the user through Apps or other registration portals. At a click of an “OK” button, all the data was that was confidential would be available. This is surely a problem for high-level executives and business owners who do not want their information going in the wrong hands.

Database creation of these top officials has always affected business; going for opt-ins is a way better option than procuring data of those who do not want to be contacted. Hence, keeping all these factors I to consideration, Apple has taken this step, let us see what changes it brings and how safe will users’ data be in the future.