Due Security: Now acquired by Cisco Systems

Due Security: Now acquired by Cisco Systems
The Siliconreview
04 August, 2018

The latest news on Cisco’s acquisition of the cloud-based security company called Due Security is certainly making a buzz. Cisco is ready to pay $2.35 US dollars for the acquisition and is ready to expand its empire. Another news flash is that the shares in Cisco added 0.6 percent that is $42.79 US dollars during the midday trade. Also, the company made a statement that the deal would close by the end of its fiscal year 2019. The company managed to show itself to Cisco and it is obvious that the decision makers ended up being happy. Time has certainly changed over the years and cloud-based security companies like Due Security might shine says few reports.

Due Security is a privately held company that is located in Ann Arbor, Michigan. It is valued at US$1.17 Billion that completely focuses on preventing security breaches by providing cloud-based tools for its customers. According to the CEO of Cisco is moving deeper software and Chuck Robbins also added that it will be a good step to take the company to the next level. In 2017 the company saw $2 billion US dollars annual revenue. This accounted for $2.15 billion in sales out of the company’s total of $48 billion. Let us see what happens in the future for the company.