FusionLayer Joins Red Hat Partner Program

FusionLayer Joins Red Hat Partner Program
The Siliconreview
29 August, 2018

FusionLayer, the Finland–based company has announced that it is partnering with the Red Hat ecosystem. With that, FusionLayer will become a Red Hat ISV partner. The announcement was made public on Tuesday.

Both the companies ended up in a partnership mainly because of the positive feedback from the customers of both Red Hat and FusionLayer, a Software-defined IP Address Management solution created for next-generation IT platforms.

Since, two of the Red Hat’s cloud solutions, i.e. OpenStack and Ansible are backed up by FusionLayer, both the solutions are becoming industry standards by powering digital transformation at enterprises and service providers around the world.

FusionLayer Infinity will provide a secured management and provisioning system for all network related data, whether it’s a big enterprise or a service provider. They will be able to launch network visibility and agility in their private data centers as well as virtual private clouds. Network, being one of the IT silos, automating these functions improves the financial returns of cloud and automation investments across the board.

According to FusionLayer, Red Hat is carrying out a stellar job, empowering digital transformation. Both the enterprises and service providers will be able to cut down their operating expenses by using Red Hat’s automation and cloud technology of FusionLayer.

The new version of FusionLayer supports Red Hat’s OpenStack and the Infinity Playbook for Ansible has been included during its release back in last year.