Bitcoin Ad Ban: Scrapped out by Google?

Bitcoin Ad Ban: Scrapped out by Google?
The Siliconreview
26 September, 2018

The fear of Bitcoins and Cryptocurrency has brought many firms to ban it. One of those companies is the giant in the industry – Google. The company had banned the Bitcoin Ad that was implemented by it in the past. Now the ads related to Bitcoin will be seen and accessed by the users. All of this was reported at CNBC. Not only is Google, but Facebook has also decided to scrap down the ban. It seems that the ads will now be scrapped from October. Hence, this will allow users to access cryptocurrency exchanges to buy ads in Japan and the U.S.

Last week had some news in the prediction of Bitcoin prices that made Google take this decision. Google had taken this step in order to avoid any sort of high-profile scams that Bitcoins might create. With the regulations intact it is evident that we might see something good with Bitcoins. The ban had caused Bitcoin’s price to go down by 10%. This happened last June and many have been affected by this. Maybe that is why Google has decided to un-ban the ads related to Bitcoins. Is it really a wise move by Google because there have been numerous frauds not only in the US and Japan but in many other countries as well. With technology advancing at a quick pace we will encounter such issues. Let us see if the new decision by Google makes a difference.