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Planet Nine Might Exist: Scientists speculate that it is hiding behind Neptune

siliconreview Planet Nine Might Exist: Scientists speculate that it is hiding behind Neptune

It is highly possible that we might get our 9th planet. Many scientists have said that after an extensive search. Although, the evidence suggests that it does exist. NASA in October 2017 mentioned this news for the first time. It is said to exist 20 times further than the Sun while compared to Neptune. Not to mention the fact that it is said to be 10 times the mass of the earth.

The reason is mainly that of the distance. The current distance is about 600 astronomical units (1 AU is defined as the distance between the Earth and the Sun, or approximately 93 million miles). While compared to Neptune, it is said to be 160,000 times dimmer. At 1,000 AU, it is considered to be a brick wall. This makes it highly impossible to see the planet with the current technology we have.

There is little evidence that is pointing us towards the existence of the 9th plant. There is said to be six known objects in the Kuiper said to move at 30 degrees downwards. The Computer simulations also show that there are more objects that are tilted with respect to the solar plane. For now, the planet nine is said to be responsible for a tilt of the planets in the existing solar system. Another important point is that the plane of the planets orbit is tilted to be about 6 degrees compared to the Sun's equator. Considering all these facts we might soon get a news on the new planet.