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Nokia Sleep: An All-New Sleep Tracking System

siliconreview Nokia Sleep: An All-New Sleep Tracking System

After exiting the consumer phone business, Nokia is on a mission to seek success in new hardware categories. Nokia has recently introduced a new sleep tracker that settles under a person’s bedspread.

Announced at CES, the Finnish tech giant has named the device as ‘Nokia Sleep’. It is an advanced sensor built into a mattress pad which is Wifi-connected and slides under the mattress and records sleep patterns. That data collected by the device is then synced to Nokia’s Health Mate app, where the data is analyzed and provides a “sleep score” to the user.

This all-new device by Nokia has movement sensors and software algorithms that can actually monitor sleep patterns and can also track snoring patterns. Nokia Sleep also works with some smart home appliances, for example, one will be able to set the device up so that lights go off and the temperature of the room falls down once the person goes to sleep, or to open the blinds when the person wakes up. Isn’t that amazing?

“Nokia Sleep is designed to be positioned on the side of the bed, at chest level, so it is able to distinguish one’s movements and more importantly vital signs (heart and respiratory rates) from the partner’s,” said Nokia.

According to the Finnish tech giant, this new Health Mate app will also work with Amazon’s Alexa, which means people will be able to shout at their Alexa-enabled product to get an update on the health progress from the Health Mate app.

Nokia Sleep is all set to will hit the market in the first quarter of this year and this amazing will cost around $99.