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Say hello to Aibo; Sony’s robot dog which is cute as a button

siliconreview Say hello to Aibo; Sony’s robot dog which is cute as a button

The Japanese electronics giant amazed the world, last year with its revival of the cutest robot ever. Aibo is probably the world’s most cuddly robot. Now this year at CES in Las Vegas, Sony returned with Aibo with new tricks and same OLED eyes (I know, nothing can beat puppy eyes).

Aibo has 22 points of articulation, is much smarter due to smarter AI and has voice controls. The Robo-dog responds to pats and has tricks like raising its paw. It behaves differently depending on the person interacting. Furthermore, there is a camera fitted inside Aibo’s nose to see where it’s going and to recognize different people.

The original Aibo was released in 1999 and is fondly remembered as one of Sony’s most iconic products. It was discontinued in 2006 following years of falling sales, but the Japanese company confirmed it was resurrecting the robot in October last year.

Aibo is surreally similar to a living dog that in a demo, one Aibo started snuggling next to another Aibo and even did actions like sniffing butt and wagging tail.

The New Aibo will be available in Japan from 11 January, priced at 198,000 yen. The fate of other countries to avail this cute Robo- dog hasn’t been announced. Sony further stated that since Aibo is infused with AI and is always connected to the cloud, the owner or master has to pay approximately $25 per month to keep it running.