AirAsia Collaborates with Google Cloud

AirAsia Collaborates with Google Cloud
The Siliconreview
11 October, 2018

AirAsia will partner with Google Cloud. The partnership will help AirAsia to use ML (machine learning) and AI (artificial intelligence) into its business and culture.

The Malaysia-based airline will get help from the partnership to become a travel technology company. Both AirAsia and Google Cloud will tackle high-impact business challenges like better demand forecasting and targeted marketing.

Both the companies will also aim to improve customer experience and loyalty. To do that, the companies will work out on providing a good personalized experience for its customers. Other duties would include, maximizing operational efficiency and cut down risk through predictive maintenance, real-time weather forecasting, and crew optimization.

The technical team of AirAsia and engineers of Google Cloud plan to work together – to fix the airline’s specific business scenarios. By doing that, AirAsia will solidify its foundation with Google Cloud’s Cloud machine learning engine and TensorFlow.

Now, AirAsia can enroll its technical team in the programme where Google Cloud’s engineers are trained. It will pave the way for AirAsia to build on its own internal learning expertise.

AirAsia will deploy Google’s G Suite and Chrome Enterprise to develop an agile digital experience. It will digitalize and transform its way of work and culture. This will provide the airline with access to data and analysis when and where it is needed for faster, more informed decision-making.