Bird will now deliver its custom electric scooters at your doorstep

Bird will now deliver its custom electric scooters at your doorstep
The Siliconreview
05 October, 2018

California-based dockless scooter share company, Bird, is making a move to stand out from the rest by launching sturdy electric scooters that will be delivered to the customer’s place upon request. The service is named as ‘Bird Delivery’, and in addition to that, the scooters will offer a 60 percent more battery life, stability and durability in comparison to the original model. A digital screen built in the scooter displays the speed of the rider. The scooters will be rolled out shortly after their beta testing in Los Angeles, Nashville and many other cities.

Currently, the scooters are priced at $1 for unlocking and then the rider will be charged 15 cents for every minute of riding. Bird might also keep a small convenience fee for its front-door delivery service, but it hasn’t mentioned anything about that yet. The company said it will soon announce the cities in which Bird Delivery will be first available.

Bird completely took care of the design and manufacture of the scooter in partnership with Okai. Now it plans to collaborate with other vehicle manufacturers as well. Travis VanderZanden, Bird CEO, said, “We call it Bird Zero because it’s the first vehicle we’ve designed and engineered ourselves specifically for the shared electric scooter space. What I will say is the Bird Zero is designed specifically for this use case so we’re going to keep watching and getting feedback from our rider and charger community.

It’s been a year since Bird was established, and by now, it has announced 10 million scooter rides and raised $415 million in funding for the electric scooters.