Juniper Networks Join Hands with Nutanix for Contrail Multi-Cloud Integration

Juniper Networks Join Hands with Nutanix for Contrail Multi-Cloud Integration
The Siliconreview
12 October, 2018

Juniper Networks is teaming up with Nutanix, a cloud computing company. The partnership will help Juniper Networks to integrate its contrail multi-cloud with Nutanix’s hyper-converged infrastructure. With that, the customers (enterprises) of Juniper Networks will be able to utilize the network, compute and storage assets under one umbrella.

“To make this happen, Juniper will integrate Nutanix APIs into its Contrail multi-cloud networking product. This is a very tight integration,” said Bikash Koley, EVP and CTO of Juniper Networks.

The partnership was made public at Juniper Networks’ NXTWORK customer event in Las Vegas this week. The company also shared information about other key partnerships in the same event.

According to Bikash Coley, the company already had a collaboration with Nutanix, but the new deal is very vital because both Juniper and Nutanix are working together to give a seamless multi-cloud experience for the customers. And a combined solution will be sold to the customers.

Additionally, the partnership will also boost the security platform of Juniper Networks as Nutanix’s software-defined networking and hypervisor will be integrated. It will help to safeguard all applications with micro-segmentation within enterprise clouds and eliminate threats.

According to John White, VP of product strategy at Expedient, the partnership between Juniper Networks and Nutanix will protect workloads within a single security perimeter within various clouds.