Oh My Green raises $20 million seed investment

Oh My Green raises $20 million seed investment
The Siliconreview
18 October, 2018

Oh My Green is a startup that works to bring healthy food to offices in and around the U.S. It has raised $20 million from many investors including Powerplant Ventures,ZhenFund, Backed VC, Initialized Capital, Talis Capital, and the Stanford StartX Fund in its first institutional funding round.

The company has completed Y Combinator’sstartupaccelerator in 2016. The company serves to provide nutritious meals in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle, Chicago, Austin, Denver, Boston, New York City etc. Apart from food delivery, the company works to cater events, manages cafes and office snack pantries, and provides wellness programming. The startup aims to establish itself as a one-stop solution for all corporate food and nutrition needs.

The company based in San Francisco was founded in 2014 by Michael Heinrich. In an interview, Heinrich told that he wanted to do something meaningful in life.“I had worked in really challenging environments and I found myself really enjoying the people and the problems but looking at the food we had available, a lot of it was ultra-processed and ultra-sugared,”he said.“When I was sugar crashing and not being productive at work, I realized I should stop complaining and actually make a difference,” he added.

The best thing about Oh My Green’s service is that it gives customers personalized recommendations for meals and snacks as it is based on Machine Learning. The company hopes to expand throughout the U.S and then globally with the investment