Nikola announced a third-generation hydrogen semi truck

siliconreview Nikola announced a third-generation hydrogen semi truck

An American trucking startup, Nikola Motor Company has announced the thirdversion of its hydrogen-electric semi truck. It is going to be launched in the European, Asian, and Australian markets. The new autonomous vehicle has an incredibly refreshing look compared to its two North American predecessors but it still caters to provide similar specifications.

As per the company’s declaration, the sensor technology will ensure that the truck will be fully autonomous. The truck is ought to have amazing fuel capacity and it uses hydrogen fuel cell to power the electric motors. The motors are expected to generate up to 1,000 horsepower and it provides torque vectoring. The truck has an amazing driving capacity; it can travel between 500 to 1,200 kilometers on a single tank depending upon the configurations. It takes approximately 20 minutes to refuel an empty tank. The third-generation hydrogen semi-truck is completely different from the first and the second generation.

Nikola’s competitor Tesla has also been in developing similar electric trucks. Both the companies aim to provide a cleaner long-distance transportation with different approaches to electric trucks. In fact, Nikola sued Tesla earlier this year as the automobile company’s own electric semi allegedly violated Nikola’s patent. Tesla has repeatedly called for dismissal. Whatever be the outcome of the spat,it won’t hurt to launch the new truck some distance from the argument. The Tre will begin testing in 2020, and it will come in the market by 2023.