Smart Sticker – The Wearable technology that monitors your health

siliconreview Smart Sticker – The Wearable technology that monitors your health

IoT and wearable tech is one of the trending subject and product in the market today. In the past, it wasn’t a major industry but now the growth seems to escalate to the next level. As a result researchers from Purdue University have improved the wearable tech to another level. This tech of theirs is called the ‘Smart Sticker ’. Just take the sticker, put it on your wrist and apply some water. After some time remove the sticker and with it, you can monitor the health data. Flex your wrist and it will give you accurate data if you have any health risks.

This new innovation might replace every other wearable technology. Although there isn’t much about the Smart Sticker on the web and it hasn’t proven itself. Wearable users have yet to have their hands on this new innovation. Only after the use of a mass number of consumers, we will know if this tech really does what it says it does.

The stickers are patterned in a serpentine shape, and it is said to be stretchable. Further, the developers say it is imperceptible to the wearer. With a coated molecule, the sticker will repel oil, bacteria, dust and water. Certainly something new to the market that is yet to make a name for itself.