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Hired: Samsung’s Injong Rhee to Lead Google’s IoT Business

siliconreview Hired: Samsung’s Injong Rhee to Lead Google’s IoT Business

Google, earlier this month hired Injong Rhee – the former Chief Technology Officer at Samsung Electronics. Rhee informed via a LinkedIn post on Monday that, at Google, he will be leading the company’s Internet of Things (IoT) business.

Alongside giving an insight about his designation and nature of work that he will take forward at Google, Rhee also informed about the experience at Samsung.

Rhee said in his post that he will serve as EIR (Entrepreneur-In-Residence) under Diane Greene, chief executive of the cloud computing group, which sells software and hardware to other businesses.

In the post he mentioned, “I am thrilled and excited to tell you that I have joined Google as an EIR to lead their IoT business. I will be reporting to Diane Greene, CEO of Google Cloud and board member of Google’s parent company - Alphabet.” Furthermore, Jane Hynes, a spokeswoman at Google also confirmed the news of hiring Rhee by Google’s cloud computing unit, Reuters reported.

Rhee said he aims to harmonize Alphabet’s various projects related to the IoT, a term that encompasses any device that accesses data online. Self-driving cars, home appliances with virtual assistants and the latest weather sensors on farms fall under the emerging category of technology.

“One of the first things I would like to do with my Google colleagues is to get these efforts coordinated and aligned toward a concerted IoT story of Google – in the process, create distinct consumer and enterprise product lines,” Rhee wrote in his post.

Rhee left Samsung in December last year after more than six years there, most recently serving as a chief technology officer and head of software and services’ research and development. He was involved in the launch of the company’s Knox security system, Bixby digital assistant and Samsung Pay mobile wallet, Firstpost reported.