Oracle will soon acquire cybersecurity startup Zenedge

Oracle will soon acquire cybersecurity startup Zenedge
The Siliconreview
17 Febuary, 2018

Oracle Corp. recently announced that it will be acquiring Zenedge, the cybersecurity company that provides cloud-based DDoS mitigation, WAF, API protection and bot management solutions. Previously, Oracle acquired Dyn, a DNS provider that helps determine how traffic gets directed between different applications. The American corporation is planning to provide its customers with features that assure their security while running in a hostile web environment, and the acquisitions will add to its overall plan to bolster up its cloud infrastructure services and Domain Name System capabilities.

The Zenedge’s product suite can be used with applications that are deployed in private datacenters, the public cloud, or in hybrid configurations. Presently, its products are used to secure more than 800,000 web properties and networks. Including these products in the Oracle product family can significantly grow Zenedge’s customer base. This would also give Oracle an advantage in the cloud market against larger players like Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure.

Earlier this week, Oracle said that it will add 12 new cloud regions to its global computing infrastructure and will continue to add features through both homegrown product development and acquisitions in order to make its platform more appealing.  It also mentioned that it will integrate the Zenedge’s services deeply with its own cloud portfolio and accelerate the company’s feature and product development. While the financial terms of the deal is yet to be known, it is also unclear when Zenedge will join Oracle.