August Smart Locks - A new way to open your door

August Smart Locks - A new way to open your door
The Siliconreview
24 March, 2018

What seemed like a part of a sci-fi fantasy about a decade ago has become reality in the last few years- “Smart Locks”. Locks that open and close by detecting your presence in and around the house. “August” is one such company that produces and offers a smart-lock home security system.

August now has teamed up with Apple with to make their smart- locks- August Smart Lock Pro and August Smart Lock compatible- with Apple’s HomePod.

“HomePod offers another great way to control your lock with your voice,” August noted in a release. August is already compatible with other smart home speakers like Google Home and Cortana. Now the compatibility to Apple’s HomePod just makes it a perfect device to have in a house with a diverse species of phone OS.

HomePod’s has six-microphone setup and superior echo cancellation system, this may lead to Siri hearing your commands more accurately than Alexa or Assistant, helping you control the device from a much further distance via voice commands.

August users can now use Siri on their iPhones or Apple Watch to tell the HomePod to lock their front doors. Although the HomePod can lock the front doors and give the users the live status on whether the door has remained lock or not, you cannot yet ask Siri to actually open the doors on your Smart Lock Pro and Smart Lock. Adding all this, much needed functionality, will likely increase the popularity of HomePod and August Smart Locks.