Oracle Artificial Intelligence Cloud Application for Smart Manufacturing

Oracle Artificial Intelligence Cloud Application for Smart Manufacturing
The Siliconreview
15 May, 2018

The American multinational computer Technology Corporation, Oracle has released a new artificial intelligence (AI) cloud applications which will allow manufacturing firms to cut down on cost and increase the profit. With the introduction, the company is expected to improve its production efficiency and performance.

Leveraging machine learning and AI to process vast amounts of data from production environments and rapidly identifies issues, Oracle Adaptive Intelligent Applications for smart manufacturing enables improved operational efficiency. Created on the rugged and expandable Oracle Cloud Platform, the solution is packed with machine learning capabilities to make the process easier. It will help the manufacturers to pin down any kind of defect, issues during production and help to prevent them. Moreover, the manufacturers can keep an eye on every step of production for a seamless workflow.

 "Traditionally, pattern and correlation analysis and predictive analysis are done by a small group of specialist data scientists," said Ramchand Raman, Vice President, Oracle Product Development.

Designed to work under IT systems such as  Manufacturing Execution Systems, Quality Management, Enterprise Resource Planning, Human Capital Management, Customer Relationship Management and Operational Technology systems, the application can adapt itself to a diversified mixed IT environment.

"Oracle Adaptive Intelligent Applications for Manufacturing dramatically simplify the output of complex machine learning and AI algorithms and present these insights to average business users to drive better faster decision making," Mr. Raman concluded.