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The Revolution of Robots Is Now Here

siliconreview The Revolution of Robots Is Now Here

Humans and robots, both are evolving at a constant pace. But robots are really having a huge transition and have made it to Time’s “25 Best Inventions” in the past. The cover was reserved for a robot named “Jibo”.  It is about 11-inches tall and acts as a social robot. It is based on an open-source scratch programming language that makes anyone a morning person. In other words, Jibo provides you with the latest commute, forecast, calendar updates and the latest news. Everything you need to know in order to be updated, Jibo provides it. Many individuals who do not have time to spend on the latest trend can opt for this robot to be updated.

In the past, DARPA had developed many innovations as well. These were really brilliant robots that included Atlas, a 6’2 robot which weighed 330lbs and was called the real-world terminator. Along with this innovation, DARPA had also developed a machine that was named “legged squad support system robot” aka the Robot Horse.

With all these robots being designed it is evident that they are evolving. But in order to control these robots cloud certainly plays a key role. Further, to improve stability and attaining access to these machines from a distance, it is necessary that there is both a main controlling system and a kill switch (in case of any malfunctioning). 

Years have passed and every year we come across new and improved technology. Robots have incorporated many of the latest software and maybe it will change the world. Let us just hope for the best.