Tommy Hilfiger launches smart clothing to attract customers

Tommy Hilfiger launches smart clothing to attract customers
The Siliconreview
26 July, 2018

In a bold marketing maneuver, fashion brand Tommy Hilfiger announced its plans to launch a one of a kind smart line of clothing. While most people might be wondering whether it is to offer music, phone calls and other mobile phone utilities, well, it is not. The new line of clothing will include t-shirts, trousers, jackets, and a couple of accessories with a sensor chip embedded in them. These “smart clothes” can then be paired with the Tommy Jeans Xplore iOS app using Bluetooth. Tommy Hilfiger plans to reward their customers with points for wearing the brand.

Moreover, the app also presents challenges for the users to complete and earn more points. All of the reward points can later be used to acquire Tommy Hilfiger goods such as gift cards and other merchandise. Some of the challenges include traveling around in the real world and finding Tommy Hilfiger icons in the app’s map (similar to augmented reality video games like Pokemon Go).

This is a move that is conceived solely to attract more people to purchase Tommy Hilfiger products and nothing else. This could the beginning of a new marketing tactic by manufacturers of accessories and apparel in order to boost sales and brand marketing. It is to be noted that the new line of clothing will not be special in any other way.