Now United joins hands with SAP to engage and empower fans around the world

Now United joins hands with SAP to engage and empower fans around the world
The Siliconreview
14 September, 2018

Now United is a global pop music group launched by Simon Fuller, the world-famous music and television producer. He launched this popular, first-of-its-kind music group consisting of fourteen artists from fourteen different countries with a goal to unite the world through song and dance. His ambition was to create a real-time music group accessible to its fans, where fans can give input to help shape the future of the pop group’s evolution through the use of digital technology.

And here comes SAP to foster this tech innovation. SAP clearly understood Now United’s vision of bringing artists and fans closer to each other. Now United has joined hands with SAP to bring forth a disruptive musical transformation. SAP has years of experience in bringing technological innovation to some of the largest sports and entertainment brands including Women’s Tennis Association (WTA), NBA, Cirque du Soleil etc. Hence, Now United has partnered with SAP to explore how social platforms and technology can create a more involving digital experience. “To understand what our fans want and how they think and to pioneer new ways to connect with our fans in a digital world, we need best-in-class partners like SAP to bring our vision to life,” said Simon Fuller, founder, and CEO, XIX Entertainment. 

Both the companies share the same passion for uniting the world through music and dance and hence the partnership will pave a way for global movement driven by technology.