Eight Sleep launches a smart bed that automatically adjusts the temperature

Eight Sleep launches a smart bed that automatically adjusts the temperature
The Siliconreview
14 Febuary, 2019

Eight Sleep, an American company focused on developing and manufacturing smart mattresses has announced its upcoming product, The Pod. The company has been working on bed temperature for a while now. The smart mattress company first introduced a smart bed cover and then a smart mattress that provides temperature adjustment settings. The smart mattresses also allow setting different temperature for different sides of the bed. However, the company has gone a notch higher with The Pod as it adjusts bed temperature throughout the night to provide the most comfortable sleep.

“Our vision is to use technology to personalize the environment while you’re unconscious and asleep,”said Co-founder and CEO MatteoFranceschetti. “The biggest factor in the environment is temperature. The reason is your body temperature changes during the night. If you sleep in an environment with a flat and stable temperature, you’re clearly going to feel hot or cold.”

As claimed by Franceschetti, The Pod is better than any smart thermometer when it comes to adjusting temperature for better sleep.As it is in direct contact with the body, it understands the body behavior better. The smart bed will cool down and maintain a pleasant temperature so that one can fall asleep more easily. It uses Artificial Intelligence to determine the best temperature for its owner throughout the night (anywhere from 55 to 115 degrees Fahrenheit).

Such initiatives by Eight Sleep are to ensure that people take their sleep seriously!