The Samsung Galaxy S10 has a built-in cryptocurrency wallet feature

The Samsung Galaxy S10 has a built-in cryptocurrency wallet feature
The Siliconreview
26 Febuary, 2019

Samsung is one of the first smartphones behemoths to include a cryptocurrency wallet in its latest Galaxy S10 model. The built-in cryptocurrency allows users to store bitcoin and other digital currency including Ethereum and Cosmo Coin (a beauty-related cryptocurrency). However, it is a cold storage wallet, which means it is not connected to the Internet.

The company’s latest flagship Galaxy S10 also supports selected decentralized apps called “Dapps”. Currently, Cosmee is the main Dapp that is available. It lets users earn Cosmo tokens if they review products in the beauty app. Cosmochain, the developers of Cosmee (a blockchain-enabled beauty review app) justifies that blockchain is an effective way to record all the reviews.

Another cryptocurrency supported by the Samsung Galaxy S10 is the Enjin Coin, an Ethereum-based cryptocurrency for gaming enthusiasts. Samsung’s name has been included in the list of a few companies that are supporting the trend of blockchain in its smartphones. Last year, the Finney phone, developed by Sirin Labs had a crypto-wallet for storing cryptocurrency, estimated to cost $1,000. Other smartphones makers in the future are likely to get influenced to join the trend.

Technically speaking, it is possible to convert any android phone into acrypto-wallet. However, what looks like a simple cold wallet and a center for decentralized apps, might be the initial steps to something much bigger and better!