Australian Researchers Find new Method to Convert CO2 into Coal

Australian Researchers Find new Method to Convert CO2 into Coal
The Siliconreview
13 March, 2019

A team of researchers from RMIT University, Australian have found a new method to convert CO2 into coal. The research work was published in the journal Nature Communications. The new method could be the most effective practical solution for reducing global warming; as it can turn out to be the most efficient and non-toxic method to eliminate carbon from the atmosphere.

Many other scientists across the globe have been working on the same development for a long time but still,they are not able to find the effective method.

According to a media release, to convert CO2 into carbon, the researchers first designed a metal catalyst which possessed specific surface properties. After that CO2 was dissolved in a beaker filled with an electrolyte liquid and with a little amount of liquid metal (charged with an electric current). The surface properties that the catalyst possessed helped the surface to be chemically active and conduct electricity easily.

Previously, other researchers used many methods to convert CO2 into solid carbon but it needed high temperatures, which is hard to conduct at an industrial scale. Therefore, the new process is more efficient and eco-friendly; an applicable technology too.

With the new method, CO2 can be turned into solid carbon in room temperature. An additional advantage of the new process is that the carbon produced can be used as electrodes and can be also be utilized to produce industrial fuel for good.

The new method is a very effective and useful method to reduce carbon emission in the environment.