A security researcher finds an exposed database of 1.8 million Chinese women

A security researcher finds an exposed database of 1.8 million Chinese women
The Siliconreview
12 March, 2019

A cybersecurity researcher named Victor Gevers has accidentally discovered an exposed database of over 1.8 million Chinese women. It contains their names, addresses, phone numbers, marital status, educational qualification, and other personal information. However, what is troubling is that the database contained marked profiles of women who were termed as breed ready. It is not known if the database belonged to a company or a government agency. Gevers reported it on Twitter along with a snapshot of his surprising discovery. The database remained online for about a day after being reported.

While some believe that such information could belong to a popular dating site, others pointed out that it could be for a government program to document fertile women in China, since the country has suffered an alarming decrease in its birth rate. However, some netizens began asking if it were something akin to the premise of the popular series The Handmaid’s Tale, where fertile women are traded as a valuable resource.          

Data security is one of the most pressing issues currently plaguing corporations as well as governments. A comprehensive database could contain users’ personal information such as name, address, employment details, phone number, etc. Such information could be used for any number of illicit activities that could affect individuals and companies. The importance of data security cannot be stressed enough, especially in light of growing internet usage.