Juniper Networks Launches Connected Security Architecture

Juniper Networks Launches Connected Security Architecture
The Siliconreview
15 March, 2019

Juniper Networks has launched new security architecture. Dubbed as ‘Juniper Connected Security’, the open platform will be integrated and operated with its current enterprise customer’s stack of products.

The new platform mechanizes and connects security technologies from several vendors. It is different fromcybersecurity products that operate in a ‘vacuum’.

The company stated that the architecture will mechanize monitoring activities in a business network. The monitoring activities range from "the edge and every cloud in-between”, filtering through its data to authenticate possible cyber threats.

Juniper networks have joined hands with these companies to leverage the connected framework: Aruba, Carbon Black, and Aerohive. It will help them to secure user endpoints. Other partners like Red Hat and Nutanix will help the company to grow the vendor’s data center footprint.

A blog post by Samantha Madrid, VP of security business and strategy at Juniper Networks stated that information security cannot be separated from day-to-day IT operations.

The management, configuration,and deployment of each component cannot be separated from security. In today’s world organizations need multi-layers of security to safeguard their databases and other things.

Majority of the enterprises, whether moderate in size or sophisticated will be multi-vendor.

"A security monoculture is a single point of failure. Only by working together can we hope to effectively and efficiently defend our networks." was quoted saying by Ms. Madrid in reference to the new launch.

Californiabased company'sshot up its growth by 18% in the financial year which ended on December 31st, 2018.