Remix grabs $15 million to help cities make informed decisions about transit

Remix grabs $15 million to help cities make informed decisions about transit
The Siliconreview
08 March, 2019

Remix, a San Francisco-based company raised $15 million in Series B round funding led by Energy Impact Partners. The company works to solve the complex issues of transit infrastructure in urban areas. Founded by Sam Hashemi,Tiffany Chu, Danny Whalen, and Dan Getelmanin 2014, Remix helps cities to plan public transit infrastructure. It quickly analyzes how the addition of two-wheeler lane ora change in a certain bus or train route would affect the city overall. This can be done through just a drag and drop menu. It also provides private transportation management platform like ridesharing, scooters, dockless bikes etc.

“This is an industry that has changed faster in the last five years than it did in the last 50,”said Tiffany Chu, co-founder,and COO of Remix. “One of our challenges is explaining to people, the community, what are the impacts of certain decisions around the way things have always been?”

The analysis can be performed through a metric called Jane. Jane is an icon that acts as a fictional person and allows users to see how far one can travel in a certain time, just by dropping the icon anywhere on the map. Also, one can analyze how many jobs one might have access to base on changes in public transport.

Remix platform is being used by more than 300 cities. The company is currently working with various markets, including Honolulu, Seattle, Auckland etc.