SAP Include new Features to Analytics Cloud

SAP Include new Features to Analytics Cloud
The Siliconreview
20 March, 2019

SAP, the European software giant has made an announcement that it has added new intelligent capabilities to its Analytics Cloud. The announcement was made public on Tuesday. The sources are referred from ZDNet, business tech website.

Apart from the smart analytics features the company has also included collaborative planning features and new data sources. The new feature is expected to make the workflow process seamless and data-driven insights.

The new updates allow users to put up a question about their data in natural language. With the help of smart discovery capabilities, the users can also expect automated insights in their data. It should also help them to add important influencers’ simulations and unexpected values. There is another feature known as smart predict; it will help analysts to train models which could predict future results.

The analytics cloud users are getting enhanced live connectivity capabilities because of enterprise planning. It means that the users can connect complex planning resources from across the business to create end-to-end business plans. They can also develop and adjust the plans with the help of tolls outside the SAP Analytics Cloud.

In the meantime, the Analytics Cloud is getting better; as it can now access to over 100 new data sources.

IN terms of performance, the company’s business was good during last year’s fourth quarter. The bookings for new cloud were 25% higher and cloud subscriptions and support revenue shooted up by 41%.