MongoDB announces the acquisition of Realm, an open-source database

MongoDB announces the acquisition of Realm, an open-source database
The Siliconreview
25 April, 2019

MongoDB made an announcement about its acquisition of Realm, an open-source database for mobile application development, for $39 million. The acquisition makes sense as both the companies consider data as central to application development, although their approach is different from each other. Realm will offer MongoDB its technological expertise, user base, and engineering talent that the company brings to the table.

“Realm and MongoDB are a natural fit because we share a vision that when developers can interact naturally with data, they are happier and more productive and because our products are complementary,”Eliot Horowitz, MongoDB co-founder, and CTO wrote in the company’s blog post mentioning about the deal.

As informed by the company, more than 100,000 developers are using Realm’s products. Also, many companies are using the Realm Platform for their data synchronization needs. Realm CEO David Ratner says that the deal could be a great way to accelerate the company’s growth.  “The combination of both the companies will establish the modern standard for mobile application development and data synchronization for a new generation of connected applications and services. Realm and MongoDBare fully committed to investing in the Realm Database and the future of data synchronization, and taking both to the next phase of their evolution,”wrote Ratner in a blog post.

Presently, the companies are working on integrations and the deal is expected to closein June or July.