Smart glasses company North brings amazing new features for Focals

Smart glasses company North brings amazing new features for Focals
The Siliconreview
08 April, 2019

North, the makers of smart glasses, Focals, made an announcement that the company is updating its glasses to add essential functionalities. Among all the interesting features that the company plans to launch, the most enticing one is the added support for Spotify controls. Users will now be able to control the music app on the connected device using their smart glasses. The glasses accompany control ring called the Loop, using which they can adjust the volume, skip songs, and see a track’s title or artists. However, North informs that some features might only be available for paid Spotify users.

Until now, Focals could assist in directions, or help to book a cab using Uber. It doesn’t provide driving directions as Focals shut off when they realize that the user is driving. The company is adding additional features like direction updates which will provide steps to take for transit and ability to share ETAs with contacts. North also introduced the “Rewind” feature that helps to capture voice notes using the glasses’ built-in microphone. These voice notes are sent back to North’s servers which then processes and transcribe them. Users will receive an email attachedwith their audio and the transcribed text files.

Recently, the companylaid off 150 employees from its manufacturing department. North understands that there is heavycompetitionin smart devices and hence these updates are extremely important for the company’s survival.