The Boring Company wins contract for underground transit system in Las Vegas

The Boring Company wins contract for underground transit system in Las Vegas
The Siliconreview
23 May, 2019

The Boring Company has successfully landed its first commercial contract worth $48.7 million to construct an underground tunnel and transport loop beneath the Las Vegas Convention Centre. The decision to award the contract to The Boring Company was taken after a vote by the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority. This decision is taken in the midst of an expansion project that would see the convention Centre spread across 200 acres. Visitors attending events at the convention center would have had to walk more than two miles to reach one end of the facility from another. The idea to construct a means of underground transportation was taken to allow greater mobility for visitors.

The completion of the underground transportation network is expected to be completed at the same time as that of the expansion project for the convention center. The subterranean transit system would involve twin tunnels for vehicles as well as one for pedestrians. Additionally, the network of tunnels will also have three stations for passengers to embark and disembark along with elevators, escalators and stairs to get to the stations. The vehicles that would transport people would be modified Tesla vehicles built to operate on the transportation system that is to be implemented in the tunnels.

The Boring Company is also in the midst of constructing another underground loop system between Washington D.C. and Baltimore. But this has run into its fair share of troubles with the authorities, given its failure to meet various safety standards.

Founded by the ambitious Elon Musk, the Boring Company’s vision is to alleviate the worsening traffic situation in large cities and make commuting less stressful.