New Processor for IoT security: NXP Semiconductors and Microsoft Join Hands

New Processor for IoT security: NXP Semiconductors and Microsoft Join Hands
The Siliconreview
20 June, 2019

NXP Semiconductors N.V., a Netherlands- based semiconductor manufacturer, has made an announcement that it is joining hands with Microsoft Corp.. The partnership will pave the way for N.V. to introduce a new processor for IoT applications. The announcement was made public last week.

The processor- Microsoft Azure Sphere certified applications will boost the security in IoT applications such as white goods, smart buildings, factory automation systems and others.

Both the companies said, the new processor which is likely to be ready by the fourth quarter of 2020, will provide “end-to-end security” to IoT edge devices, starting from silicon and then move on to the cloud.

Microsoft’s Pluton Security sub-system will protect the new processor and Azure Sphere OS will help the processor to run. Azure Sphere OS is an OS developed by Microsoft for IoT applications. The processor will connect to the Azure Sphere Security Service (renews security and prevents a threat to applications).

The processor will be available in one or two core. Arm Cortex-A35 architecture will power the processor which is built atop NXP’s i.MX 8 family. There will be a graphics processor too; along with DSP core for audio, preferable for image and voice recognition applications.

The software giant believes that the new processor could be used in smart commercial buildings and homes, consumer applications such as vacuum cleaners, lawn mowers, dryers, oven, dryers, fridges, etc.