Citrix Expands Open Source Integrations to Test and Deliver Applications

Citrix Expands Open Source Integrations to Test and Deliver Applications
The Siliconreview
28 August, 2019

Citrix is now extending its cloud-native applications to different modems such as; virtual machine-based solutions (VPX), bare-metal Linux process (BLX), and existing MPX appliances. This app is already used in cloud platform services such as Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform. The firm is now expanding its open-source marketing into other platforms which do not have a cloud transfer system.

The system is having greater flexibility when compared to its previous models, and the clients can comprehensively choose a range of Citrix ADC to deliver user applications and high-performance containerized platforms (CPX). The model is consisting of great agility and consistency, which utilizes code-based options so that the IT can have access to the operational application.

This monolithic type of application system is very easy to operate and can be accessed at a faster pace. It can be easily migrated to other service sectors which include microservices-based applications and multi-protocol systems like HTTP/s and TCP.

Citrix ADC is having greater visibility and insight this provides end to end insights and visibility which is required to deliver the microservices applications on a large scale basis, to receive feedback immediately, and to troubleshoot the user experience issues. This new prototype is settinga new trend in cloud-native technology and most companies prefer this model. This is helping Citrix clouding system to come up with new ideas to face challengesthatare generally seen in the cloud ware system.