Gearless Drive System: Drive Technology Holland’s Innovation

Gearless Drive System: Drive Technology Holland’s Innovation
The Siliconreview
19 August, 2019

It is the Eindhoven region where Drive Technology Holland is based in. It’s been ten years that the firm has been active in its venture to grow innovative techniques. Its latest drive system has been focusing on the development of the prototype. The major factor to consider now from this new step is the controlled rotation system, which is said to allow step-less transmission. It won’t be using gears, oil or chain.  

The system can be driven through a toothed belt. It can be any conventional toothed belt or it can be a toothed belt that is developed by the Drive Technology Holland. Many say that Drive Technology Holland uses the latest slide elements and many suggest this is better. The traditional gearbox can be replaced since this system is lighter, low maintenance, compact, and friendly in terms of the environment.

This new system ensures various machines and vehicles will not need oil and gears. This will make it easier to decrease resistance and increase efficiency. Also, very few raw materials and parts are needed. This was not the case in the past and further drivers can drive per wheel. Not to mention gearbox is no more needed and applying the same mechanism to bikes will make it lighter.