IBM’s Z15 Makes a Grand Entry: Data Sharing Across Hybrid-Cloud Environments Is Now Secure

IBM’s Z15 Makes a Grand Entry: Data Sharing Across Hybrid-Cloud Environments Is Now Secure
The Siliconreview
16 September, 2019

Today IBM announced the launch of IBMz15, a new enterprise platform to manage the privacy of customer data while transferring mission-critical workload across hybrid cloud ecosystems. Clients can now manage the accessibility of data via policy-based controls and also revoke access to data. The exchange of data between partners and third parties is a well-known cause of data breach. In 2018 it was reported that 60 percent of the businesses suffer data breach by a third party or vendor. The adoption of a hybrid multicloud environment is rapidly growing and it is ideal for the businesses to maintain data privacy and security due to threats and challenges.

The IBM z15 is built on pervasive encryption. The company revealed a new Data Privacy Passport tech that will allow the client to have control over how data is shared and stored, and even revoke access. The platform can encrypt data everywhere including hybrid multicloud environments. This will enable enterprises to protect their data wherever it travels. The Cloud-Native-Development feature will give the users a competitive edge by evolving how the users upgrade their apps in place, build new cloud-native apps, and transport important workload across clouds securely. Planned and unplanned downtime will affect the cost but the z15 will allow the users to fully access their system capacity for a brief period. The platform will accelerate the shutdown and restart the Z services by providing a temporary capacity boost to recover lost time.

Businesses have already completed 20 percent of their cloud journey and Z15 will help them to transfer their data to the cloud by delivering an agile, hyper-secure, and continuously available platform. IBM Global Financing offers customized lease payments that align with business benefits and already existing customers who are credit qualified can upgrade by converting to leasing.