Scientists discover a new way to convert heat that otherwise would have been lost

Scientists discover a new way to convert heat that otherwise would have been lost
The Siliconreview
24 September, 2019

Researchers from Ohio University have figured out a new way to capture heat energy and turn it into electricity. This new invention will generate energy from heat like car exhaust, industrial sectors and processes, and interplanetary space probes. This is the first time that heat energy is converted into electric energy.

Scientists have discovered tiny particles called ‘paramagnons’, which are not magnets but do carry some magnetic flux. This device, on heating does not lose its magnetic force and property and becomes paramagnetic. With the help of the magnetic flux, the particles tend to spin, which creates energy known as magnon-drag thermoelectricity, which in-turn converts the heat into electricity.Magnets play a vital role in collecting energy from heat when one side of the magnet is heated, the other side gets more magnetic and produces spin which will push the electrons in the magnet and create electricity

The ‘paramagnons’ push electrons at a faster pace within a few seconds, which is long enough to make paramagnets visible energy-harvesters. They generally use paramagnets which will increase the magnetic flux that increases the spin, with an increase in electron push. Therefore, the heat energy can be easily trapped and can be converted into electricity through semiconductors.

This invention will lead to a massive change in the field of energy and resource conservation, this technology can be used to generate large volts of electricity, without causing any harm or damage to the environment.