Skouries project by Eldorado is expected to resume shortly

Skouries project by Eldorado is expected to resume shortly
The Siliconreview
04 September, 2019

Eldorado Gold is a Canadian based mining company; it recently made an announcement that it has received installation permits from the Greek Ministry of Energy and Environment for its Olympias mine and Skouries project. The Eldorado based in Vancouver has suffered significantly due to the delay in Skouries but on the other hand, it has two developmental projects and operating mines functioning successfully in northern Greece. In November 2017 Eldorado had to halt all its activities at the Skouries because of a delay in the environmental permit. The high-grade copper-gold porphyry project is estimated to hold reserves of up to 1.7 billion pounds of copper and 3.7 million ounces of gold.

The investment made by the company is one of the biggest in the Country. The permits will allow the company to install electrical and mechanical equipment at the flotation plant and furthermore additional surface plants will also be installed. The activities that were stopped in 2017 are expected to be completed this also includes building the mill enclosure. The company is working closely with the government to restart meet all the conditions and continue the construction of Skouries project. The main mission of the project is to work mutually to deliver modern, safe, and world-class operations in Greece.

Eldorado is looking forward to work with the Greek state in full engagement; it also wants to build a good relationship with the relevant ministries. The project wants to create sustainability for the local community and Greece’s economy, without compromising and of the environmental standard.