New legislation for Wireless deployment is expected in Alabama

New legislation for Wireless deployment is expected in Alabama
The Siliconreview
03 September, 2019

Most of the newly setup large economic sectors in the US are majorly dependent on wireless connectivity. Wireless technology has become a significant infrastructure for economic development. The technological advancement that happened over the past two decades was possible due to the support from wireless connectivity. Currently, we are witnessing a boom in data generation and the number of users who are dependent on wireless data is advancing at an alarming rate without any signs of slowing down. Smartphones are not limited to provide only text and voice services, but it can also be used to harness data to stay connected to any source that a consumer wants.

When the community is massively dependent on wireless technology, there is a need for constant updates for the infrastructure that supports the technology. State legislators are addressing the modernization plans for wireless infrastructure; the majority of the states in the US have already passed legislation which will reform and clear away the barriers to infrastructure deployment. A special committee was established in Alabama to study issues and recommend sustainable solutions to the legislation for consideration. This is anticipated to be a huge step in the right path for the state to standardize and streamline the permitting process for smaller wireless services and equipment.

Small cell development is anticipated to support new techs and smart cities. The new and emerging entrepreneurial ecosystem is all set to provide jobs for thousands of tech workers. The main objective of the Mobile Area Chamber is to foster the new techs and create new high paying jobs. Streamlining of wireless deployment will give local firms new opportunities for growth and let the consumers connect better.