Commvault unveils Metallic, a new SaaS offering

Commvault unveils Metallic, a new SaaS offering
The Siliconreview
17 October, 2019

Commvault, an Information Management Company based in New Jersey, unveiled its venture called Metallic. The company’s new SaaS portfolio will allow the companies to protect their on-premises cloud-based hybrid file and application data without paying much. The new venture is set to be launched at the company’s event, Commvault GO 2019. The latest announcement has sparked a competition among the top leaders in the booming market of enterprise data protection. Metallic provides a pure consumption model alternative to the company’s existing range of products, and these include offerings like Metallic Endpoint Backup & Recovery, Metallic Core Backup & Recovery, and Metallic Office 365 Backup & Recovery.

Customers can purchase Metallic through the company’s launch partners for a yearly or monthly subscription. The company is offering a 45-day free trial on its official website apart from the paid services. With Metallic, the customers will have two options for data backup. They can make use of the company’s cloud storage for backup or use their own existing on-premises or cloud storage. Fast onboarding and flexibility custom configurations power the pre-configured backup and recovery plans and for now the service is exclusive for the U.S, but soon the services will be made available for other regions