Hardware Security keys by Yubico is now available for the general public

Hardware Security keys by Yubico is now available for the general public
The Siliconreview
18 October, 2019

Yubico is a Sweden based popular hardware security key maker; recently, the company released software that will allow the users to log on to windows with USB keys. This security measure offers stronger protection than a password, and this tool was under testing for six months, but now it is made available for public use. Users must plug a piece of hardware into the USB port to log on, usually followed by a second authentication factor like fingerprint, password, PIN code, or face ID. Few hardware keys also offer wireless authentication over Bluetooth or NFC connections. Microsoft has offered this hardware security key support for Skype, Outlook, Office, Xbox Live, and other online services.

This security feature is considered a significant step towards the future where there might be no need to remember a password. The company also offers MacOS software, which will allow the users to sign on to their Macs with hardware keys. Many users reuse the same password and make it easy for hackers to gain access to personal data; this ultimately leads to countless data breaches. Protecting phones and laptops is an excellent extra feature for users who travel often, but for most of them, it is essential to protect their online accounts because they can be attacked from anywhere.