Major BYOD issue gets a feasible solution in the latest iOS update

Major BYOD issue gets a feasible solution in the latest iOS update
The Siliconreview
09 October, 2019

Bring your own device, or BYOD has been a popular term since its advent when smartphones were less fancy BYOD was part of every tech conversation. Every employee has a smartphone now, and the IT department is well aware of the situation and has formed feasible policies. In recent times enterprise firms have created custom made apps for employees, and these whitelist programs are offered by Apple and Google. These apps are not for general public and this method has created substantial problems with data security. Apple has been working tirelessly to create a solution, and in the latest version of the iOS, which was released last month, the company has addressed mobile device management (MDM).

The new user enrollment feature in iOS 13 will help the organization to reestablish a clear line between work and play. The new feature allows the user to store the work apps separately, which can be accessed from separate Apple ID. The technology creates a partition in the iOS file system, which will then separate work and personal content. When the employee decides to leave the company, the contract can be revoked, and the work data can be separated without creating an impact on the personal space. This move might not seem like a permanent solution but it shows that developers are getting better in addressing situations.