Postgres Rolls out Version 12 Update with Promising Features

Postgres Rolls out Version 12 Update with Promising Features
The Siliconreview
04 October, 2019

PostgreSQL (Postgres) is a popular open-source relational database management system whichwas designed to handle various types of workload that ranges from single machines to data warehouses. Version 12 is now available and the system is now promising enhanced space utilization, SQL conformance, and space utilization. This version is first of its kind to offer the ability to make use of JSON path expressions to run requests over JSON which wills then automatically inline WITH requests. The new release has added a new implementation for using the generated columns which are often defined as SQL standard. They are compared to the table view because they can compute their own value from a different column in the same table.

Client and server-side encryption are supported in version 12 for authentication over GSSAPI interfaces and it may also require clients who are authenticated to provide an SSL certificate. Postgres now offers REINDEX CONCURRENTLY for admins who anticipate avoiding downtime for complex rebuilds. The upgrade also includes pg-checksums to allow checksums in an offline cluster when required. Performance is enhanced significantly and now the system will be handle workloads in a better way with an index that is frequently changing. The Postgres tries to comply with SQL standards by supporting 160 of the 179 mandatory features.