3 RV Accessories You Need Before You Start Your Next Camping Trip

3 RV Accessories You Need Before You Start Your Next Camping Trip
The Siliconreview
08 November, 2019

Going away on holiday is one of the highlights of the year and a camping trip is one of the most perfect ways to do this. There are so many avenues that you can explore while you’re doing this, and I know that I always look forward to going away. You get to spend time with the people you love, sit around a campfire and share stories and cook up some tasty meals at any point during the day. It really is unbeatable. While a lot of people go away in tents, however, another popular way to travel is with an RV. These offer so much when you go away and really are a great way to enjoy your time away. There are a lot of different types of RVs and it’s all about choosing one which will suit you and your companions’ needs. If you do this, you have most of the ingredients for a fun time away. An RV on its own isn’t quite enough, though, and that’s why I’m here today with the top 3 RV accessories you must have before you start your next camping trip. 

  1. An extension cord. These are vitally important for any kind of camping trip. We all know that when we’re out in the wilderness, plugs will be in a very low supply. There’s nothing more frustrating than when several people want to charge their phones at once, or when you need more than one cooking appliance plugged in to cook dinner but don’t have enough sockets. With a good extension cord you’ll be able to solve all of these problems. The best of these have several sockets on them at once and so you’ll be able to plug various things in at the same time, which is very important. On top of that, you’ll also be able to reach these plugs around a great distance depending on how long your cord is, and who knows; you may have an instance where this ability comes in really handy. 
  2. A pop-up trash can. Another problem that often arises on a camping trip is that of finding somewhere to put all your rubbish and waste. Depending on how many people on on the trip with you, there could be an awful lot of this and finding somewhere for it all to go is an ever-pressing issue. However, pop-up trash cans offer a perfect solution to this for a number of reasons. First of all, you’ll be able to carry it anywhere easily- they fold up in a simple fashion and can fit in any travel bags with ease. Once up, they tend to provide a great deal of room for rubbish; you won’t have to empty them too frequently and when you do, it’s really easy to do. 
  1. A drinking water hose. Always having clean drinking water available is very important but it’s not always easy. If you have one of these hoses at your disposal, you’ll be well on the right track to a fun trip. They’ll make sure water is delivered to you in a safe manner, that it stays clean and that none of it leaks anywhere over your belongings.