Facebook revamps its look by launching new logo

Facebook revamps its look by launching new logo
The Siliconreview
05 November, 2019

Facebook has made the biggest announcement in the digital world by announcing the launch of a new logo which integrates all the aspects of the brank. The new logo features the word ‘Facebook’ in blue, green and hues of purple, red and orange. The alternating colours reflect the subsidiaries that are owned by Facebook: blue for Facebook, green for WhatsApp, purple, red and orange for Instagram.  This has been done as not many people are aware that Facebook is the parent company for the other platforms.

 A survey that was conducted by the nonpartisan organisation Pew found that only a surprising 29% of Americans answered rightly that WhatsApp and Instagram are owned by Facebook following which the multi-million dollar behemoth started inscribing “from Facebook” to spread awareness.  "People should know which companies make the products they use," declared Facebook in a statement following the news on Monday.

During the early months of 2019, Facebook had also laid out plans to integrate all its subsidiaries in order to provide its customers with a more convenient messaging process along with a higher focus on privacy. Facebook already has a stronghold on the digital messaging market with its ownership of the most widely used apps.