Government to issue new doctrine on Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Australia

Government to issue new doctrine on Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Australia
The Siliconreview
07 November, 2019

The Australian government is all set to introduce a new set of guidelines that will be stipulated for all AI-based devices to benefit the individuals, society, and environmental wellbeing of individuals. The guidelines are issued in order to protect human-centered values, privacy protection and security, reliability, transparency, explainability, and accountability.

Technology minister of Australia, Karen Andrews will be releasing the eight-point guidance and she wants the companies to adopt this new set of principles to prevent people from being exploited. These guidelines also recommend human oversight and fore view on Artificial Intelligence. The guidelines are always enabled and timely processed to allow people to challenge the use or input of information.

Many companies like Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Telstra, Microsoft, NAB, and Flamingo AI have agreed to test these principles developed as part of the government’s new AI ethics framework to improve the design, development, and AI systems. 

The Commonwealth Bank of Australia, NAB, Telstra Microsoft, and Flamingo AI are set to put the federal government’s latest thinking around artificial intelligence through its paces."People do think of the Terminator when they think about artificial intelligence and robotics and those sorts of things. The government will continue to work with experts to explore the role of AI in Australia’s future and build tools to support AI development and adoption," stated Karen Andrews, Technology Minister of Australia.