Ground-Breaking Tech Trends in the Online Gaming Industry

Ground-Breaking Tech Trends in the Online Gaming Industry
The Siliconreview
19 November, 2019

Technological innovation is alive and well in the online gaming industry. The advent of online casinos, online poker rooms, and online bingo sites has come at an accelerated pace, with far-reaching implications for the industry. Gaming platforms cater to an increasingly tech savvy audience of players, millennials foremost among them. As such, it is imperative to stay abreast of the latest developments, pushing the limits in pursuit of gaming excellence. Barely a few years ago, it was inconceivable that a relatively benign concept (by today's standards at least) such as live casino would even be possible.

The concept truly is innocuous enough – authentic croupiers at safe & secure casinos dealing cards, spinning roulette wheels, placing bets, and making payments. However, there is more to it than meets the eye. Regulatory constraints warrant that online casinos limit their activities to legal-age players in geolocation-based jurisdictions only. This puts an entirely different spin on the technology that is needed to ensure uninterrupted gaming excellence. Of course, live dealer casino is yesterday’s news. While the technology has been tweaked over the years, there are many more exciting innovations in the pipeline.

Enter the Arena of AR and VR in the online Gaming Realm


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Devout gaming aficionados are well familiar with augmented reality and virtual reality in their gaming platforms. This technology holds plenty of promise, and it is now being deployed in the online casino industry too. While still in its infancy stages, it is looking promising and players are loving it.

Virtual reality is immersive to the point of being able to confuse a player into believing that he/she (or any LGBTQ variant thereof) is actually in the gaming world playing their favorite slots, card games, and table games. For example, the next time you log on to don't be surprised if it feels so completely and utterly immersive, that you actually believe that you're in Las Vegas central.

The AI and AR experience is quite astounding. It's almost as if our senses have been tricked into believing in an alternate reality. But alas, we are in full control every step of the way. Online casinos are now experimenting with the very real proposition that players can enter an imaginary world where they can play for fun and win for real. Of course, one must never lose sight of the fact that responsible gaming practices are sacrosanct, irrespective of the type of platform and player experience that is being crafted. To experience AR and VR technology, high-tech hardware needs to be worn to create a 360° panorama of the casino milieu.

Predictive Analytics Software and Improved Graphics

While this may sound less impressive than AR and VR, it is cutting-edge stuff. Predictive analytics works with data – lots of it. These algorithms and data miners are capable of accurately anticipating future player behavior based on past behavior. This type of technology allows online casinos to ‘understand’ what their players want from their online gaming experience, and it suggests it to them. For example, customized recommendations are provided about a plethora of new features which may be appealing to a player.

Rather than marketing games that players don't play, the predictive analytics software will suggest games that players actually enjoy and derive benefit from. All the software we currently have, and all the software that is being developed is geared towards a player-centric set of operations. High quality audio-visual content is expected. Gone are the days where basic functionality on classic slots games appealed to players. Today, high-tech videoslots games feature collapsing reels, expanding reels, 3D animation, Dolby Digital surround sound, holographic gameplay, and beyond. That's what players want, and that's precisely what is being delivered.