Most Loved Performances of Alia Bhatt

Most Loved Performances of Alia Bhatt
The Siliconreview
18 November, 2019

Alia Bhatt has come out as a very talented actress from the very first movie. With her eyes that speak a thousand words all at once, her dimples and that beautiful smile has already many hearts. Popularly known as ‘Aloo’ by her family members, Alia Bhatt has become extremely successful and continues to do so even till date. With every film that she has done she has shown that she is a very sincere and convincing actor. She has also proved her worth as a great singer with her songs in the movies Dear Zindagi and Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhaniya. Her songs have millions of views and can be heard and viewed anytime on this amazingly easy app called Vidmate app. All her movies and songs are available on this app and it is superfast in downloading. Some of her best works are:

  1. Student Of the Year - Here Alia played the character of ShanayaSinghania. She plays the character of a very stylish and classy girl who is born with a silver spoon. Her character loves to flaunt her bags and shoes. The emotions she exhibits in the movie have been praised well by the audience. The Audience has also praised the chemistry between the other characters.
  2. Highway - This Imitiaz Ali directed movie proved the worth of this actress. The story revolves around howVeeraTripathi, Alia Bhatt, who is suffering from Stockholm syndrome forms a very special bond with her own kidnapper, played by RandeepHooda.The movie was highly acclaimed by a lot of critics including Alia Bhatt's mentor Karan Johar.
  3. 2 States - Another movie which made Alia outshine was 2 States. The movie is made on the popular novel by ChetanBhagat.The character Alia played was from the south side of the country that falls in love with a Punjabi boy, played by ArjunKapoor. The young character shown was a modern mind-set and desi outlook girl. She looked completely fresh in the movie and so natural that it was praised by all the movie critics along with the audiences.
  4. Udta Punjab- This character required Alia to be a Bihari migrant and was a very complex role to play, but nonetheless she played it very convincingly.It was for Udta Punjab that she even bagged the screen award for being the best actress. The Character was so intense to play, where the character was not even given a name, all that was known about the character was that she is a Biharimigrant who forcefully had become a drug addict. The Accent of a Bihari that she picked for the movie was flawless and worth mentioning.
  5. Dear Zindagi - The movie required playing a young girl who is simple and naive and is visiting a psychiatrist, played by Shahrukh Khan, who teaches her the value of life. The chemistry between both the characters who are both of very different age groups has been shown very beautifully. Her performance was praised by one to all in this movie.

It has not even been 10 years since Alia came into this industry but has definitely made a very strong spot for herself. All her great performances are up on the vidmate appand can be viewed in full quality at high speeds to enjoy her breath-taking performances.