The benefits of using a translation company

The benefits of using a translation company
The Siliconreview
06 November, 2019

You need a translation and the first question that comes in mind: Translation agency, Freelance translator, expensive service, cheap, fast...? In this article, we inform you of the advantages of choosing a translation company in order to facilitate decision making.

Espresso translations is based in London, UK and offer the following benefits: 

Professional and specialized translators

A translation company offers a wide range of language combinations as well as a wide range of specialties. There are many good freelance translators, but obviously, they do not cover all topics. Each translation needs a certain professional; it can already be in the legal, technical, health sector, etc. Do not forget that the translation must be done by a native translator of the language, to which you translate, the latter is essential. Speaking or having knowledge of several languages ​​does not allow us to translate.

Translating requires a perfect command of both the source language and of course the target language, in addition to specialization and experience that is acquired over the years of work. He distrusts the professional who claims to be able to make both direct and reverse translations of several languages ​​and several fields. Let's face it, it's impossible to know everything and do it well!

A reliable documentation job

Automatic translators work according to their own database, which often draws on the unreliable universe that makes up Internet web pages. But the professionals of a translation company also have their own databases, much more reliable in this case: beyond the vocabulary they already have internalized, good translators turn to sources of documentation of recognized prestige in their respective languages.

'Human' and revised syntax

The most flagrant mistakes of the automatic translators are given in the final text. However sophisticated the tool may be, it will always be noted that it is the mere union of words made by a machine. Instead, the professionals of a translation company take care of the final wording so that it sounds natural and in the same style as the source text, reviewing each phrase so that it is absent from grammatical, spelling or syntactic errors.


In the case of large-scale translation projects, an agency offers you the possibility of assigning several translators, which means that the work can be delivered in a short period of time. The project manager will be in charge of communications within the team of translators and other professionals saving you time and making the project more efficient.

Quality review and verification

Correcting our own work is almost an impossible task, even in the case of highly qualified translators. It is very difficult to discover each spelling or grammar mistake when we have written the text ourselves. Most translation agencies offer correction and quality control service, which means that your translation will be reviewed by a second translator, and when several translators are used for large projects, the translation will be standardized to ensure uniformity.