Venice in dire need of tourists after massive flooding

Venice in dire need of tourists after massive flooding
The Siliconreview
19 November, 2019

After a recent occurrence in Venice where high tide caused the worst flooding in the last fifty years, the city has declared that it is in need of tourists in order to help the economy which has been hit. The beautiful city which has a catacomb of canals was struck by high tide known as "acqua alta" in Italian which denotesthe tides were of 140cm (55 inches) or more and occur usually in the winter months.  In the past the city has witnessed the population dwindling due to over tourism.

A native of Venice, Fagarazzi says that Venice desperately needs visitors, "What we need now is not day trippers but people who come, take their time and spend their money in the right places. I don't know if tomorrow people will be ready, but as soon as they are, they'll need to make money. We don't need tourists in two weeks; we urgently need the kind who are aware of what's happened, who will spend money in local businesses and will help those businesses make some money.”

St. Mark’s basilica and the square lie submerged whilst locals are wading through knee deep water in order to conduct their daily activities. Water buses are functioning and can help with the transportation of tourists.