Accenture to set New Technical Capabilities with AI to Meet Industrial Demands

Accenture to set New Technical Capabilities with AI to Meet Industrial Demands
The Siliconreview
17 Decemebr, 2019

Accenture set new goals to expand its technical capabilities to help the Artificial Intelligence (AI) scale for its customers to meet cross-industry demands. Accenture has entered into an agreement to acquire Clarity Insights to help companies realize the value of their data and provide the resources to meet the growing demand for enterprise-scale AI, analytics and automation solutions. In addition to a strong portfolio of accelerators and deep data science, AI and machine learning expertise, the acquisition will add nearly 350 employees to the company.

In addition to organically growing talent, the strategic approach of Accenture is designed to ensure that the right capabilities are available with speed and scale to meet existing and emerging customer needs.Clarity Insights’s combination of strong technical talent, combined with deep industry expertise, will fortify and broaden our ability to help our clients scale AI across their businesses,” said Athina Kanioura, chief analytics officer and global lead for Applied Intelligence at Accenture. Their emphasis on insight-driven innovation for healthcare reflects the strengths of Accenture and is particularly critical now that our research shows that 87 percent of healthcare managers surveyed report understanding how to pilot but struggling to scale AI in their sector.

The inclusion of Clarity Insights will also draw on Accenture's previous acquisitions, including Knowledgent and Kogentix, to improve this side of the company in North America, as well as the acquisition of Pragsis Bidoop for global growth in Spain and Analytics8 in Australia.