Envisioning Media Industry's New Frontier with Big data Analytics

Envisioning Media Industry's New Frontier with Big data Analytics
The Siliconreview
16 Decemebr, 2019

Big data analytics enables media and entertainment industry gain concealed insights into customer behavior by helping businesses generate customized content through analytical tools and techniques.The prospects for data speeds have been expected to increase with the introduction of 5G technology. This results in significant growth in social media understanding and creates significant opportunities for enhanced experiences. The rise in data points will also generate new methods and creative ways to mine them and test them for enhanced performance and exploration of content.

Enlightening about expected digital transformation in distribution patterns, Nelson Granados in his article in Forbes said that, “it is no secret that the distribution of content is happening increasingly in digital format.”The pattern is clearly demonstrated by PWC's Global Media and Entertainment Outlook 2019. This means that vast amounts of data are constantly reaching TV, film, and music servers on user clicks and viewing behavior, among others.

Content creators hope to see a return from all these developments, according to Nelson. Therefore, to help monetize content, they must make extensive use of big data. On the other hand, new forms and methods of entertainment should be expected from consumers. We should expect better entertainment opportunities due to the developments and innovations in the big data and analytics industry. The growth in technology is also expected to mitigate the risks associated with consumer privacy and accessibility of information.